President of Ain Shams University inaugurates the first day of the new academic year

Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University, opened the first day of the new academic year 2019/2018 in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hussein Essa, Chairman of the Committee on Planning and Budget in the House of Representatives and Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and acting Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, the Secretary General of the University, the deans, Faculty members, assistant university secretaries, faculty members and student union.
The opening ceremony began with the flag raising and the salute of the flag, followed by the speech of the university president, who welcomed the new and old students and urged them to participate in various student activities and not just academic aspects.
Stressing that the student's involvement in university life cannot be achieved except through his positive participation in all activities, which heightens his personality and provides the society with a balanced personality that combines science and the arts of life.
He also stressed that the university provides cultural, sports, artistic and other activities through the student union with its various committees and student families in all faculties of the university.
He then toured a number of terraces, playgrounds and took pictures with university students.
Military music and the media campaign line marked the opening ceremony.

  • Sep 23, 2018