Knowledge Embassy of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina participates in the Soft Powers Conference

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts announced the participation of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Knowledge Embassy in the annual International conference of the Faculty of Arts entitled "Soft Powers and the Future Industry", to be held from 16-18 March, through the preparation of two workshops during the days of the conference entitled: "Recent trends in scientific research" and "Development and industry of the future."

The Embassy participates in the conference through the establishment of an exhibition of the products of the artistic workshops held by the embassy such as calligraphy workshops, art workshops, caricatures, artworks, portraiture art, silent nature,

The Dean of the Faculty added that the topics of the conference revolve around 7 main themes: Arts, , Media, Social and Human Sciences, Diplomacy, Education and Educational Sciences, and finally the religious discourse and the relationship of each axis to the industry of the future.

This came during the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Conference held to find out the latest developments in the preparation of the conference.

  • From 2019-03-16 to 2019-03-18