A preparatory meeting for Microsoft's periodic tour at Ain Shams University


During the meeting, which was held on Tuesday, in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud, IT Marketing Officer at the University, the two sides discussed the steps of automating dealing at Ain Shams University by using the official e-mail address for each person in the university.
The Quantum Computtiny International School, which provides more space for users of the university's e-mail, has been expanded to maintain the security of the information stored on it and to be accessible at any time.
For his part, Obeid stressed the company's efforts to lead Ain Shams University to the list of Egyptian universities in using the official email by distinguishing it from others with many new and important services for each user.
He pointed out that there are more than 6000 users of Microsoft services from Ain Shams University, and wished to double the number after the next round.
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hassan welcomed the company's upcoming tour at Ain Shams University and its faculties, stressing the importance of the services provided by the company to the university, especially the users of the official email.
He pointed out that the tour of the company will include all faculties of Ain Shams University, and will start during the beginning of the second semester.

  • Feb 5, 2019